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Elusive Elephants

by Professor Spellbinder

There are a variety of Vanishing Elephant Card Tricks going back to the 1950’s. This trick, and many others like it, are based on “A Sucker Card Gag” invented by 1931 by Mr. Lynn Searles and first published by him in Sphinx (Mar 1932).

What makes my Elusive Elephant Card Trick different is that all the cards are handled by helpers from the audience. The Elephant Card is placed between the Ringmaster and the Trapeze Artist (you can easily change the cards for any theme you please!) and a spectator squeezes them together under a Circus Tent Cloth - which can be any silk handkerchief, but unlike other similar effects, it is NOT a folder or a mat... just a plain ungimmicked silk or cloth.

The helper who is holding the three cards under the cloth brings them out one by one and hands each to a member of the audience to guard. While the last Elephant Card is in the hands of the helper, it vanishes and the cloth is tossed out to the audience! The Elephant Card later reappears on someone's back (your back or the helper's back). It's all in the handling, which is taught step-by-step in the e-Book.

While the Elephant version of this effect is obviously designed for an audience of children, the effect itself is strong enough to perform for adults with a somewhat more adult theme. The card doesn't need to necessarily vanish, but can be completely transformed into a different card, which makes it good for seances or for use with Tarot cards, etc. We offer some suggestions in the e-Book.

Finally, when the elephant (or whatever) reappears, it can have a personalized message attached to it - like "Happy Birthday Tony!" or "Get Well Quick, Sue!" thanks to more modern technology that wasn't available back in 1931!

Here is a demonstration of the basic effect:

Professor Spellbinder's Elusive Elephants from James Gerrish on Vimeo.



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