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Ribbon/Streamer C&R

by Professor Spellbinder

In a tribute to the late Count Artell, I add my variation of his Professional Ribbon Cut, using a rainbow streamer for additional flash appeal. In my version, I stand on the ends of the streamer using Count Artell's signature pose as shown in the photo. The center of the streamer is brought up by the wand as shown, and the wand is slid back and forth to show the streamer is one solid length of silk. Then the center is cut and here's where my variation comes in - I take the cut ends and spread them apart, showing that the streamer has been genuinely and fairly cut in two. Then with a snap of the wand, the streamer is restored to one solid piece again. Thanks for the memory, Count!

In addition, I show you where all of this came from as it evolved from Ed Mischell's Cut and Restored Ribbon found in Tarbell, through several variations, some of which you may still want to use (that's what history is for!).

I show you how to make my Loop Wand, as well as a deceptive Confetti Bowl. You should have enough to keep you busy for awhile!



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