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Christmas Sťance
by Professor Spellbinder

It all begins with Marley's Ghost appearing on a door knob tag. This is followed by visits from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come. Chilling, spooky, and yet Christmassy!

In the original Christmas Carol story by Charles Dickins, Ebenezer Scrooge first sees Jacob Marley’s Ghost on a door knocker. We don’t want to be dragging a door around to our Christmas Sťances, so we’ll make do with a door knob tag. We first have to establish that the cardboard tag is blank, white as snow and ghastly pale as a ghost. One is chosen from a collection of them by the person you designate to play the role of Scrooge in order to learn the lesson of Christmas. Scrooge signs his name on one side of the selected blank doorknob tag. Later, he gets to turn the tag over and discover that Marley’s Ghost has appeared on it.*Then “Scrooge” will select three spectators to be visited by the three Christmas Ghosts, of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come. The three spectators each write on blank door tags, a favorite Christmas gift from someone’s past, something someone would like to give as a gift in the present, and a gift that someone would like to receive in the future. No one sees what they have written, but the door tags are hung up and then each of the three spectators places a blank card in an envelope to receive a message from the spirit that awaits them. Although the magician/mentalist/storyteller does not go near the envelopes once the spectators have sealed them, one by one it is revealed that the spirits knew their thoughts and the desires of their hearts comparing what they wrote on the door tags with the messages left by ghostly handwriting in each of the envelopes.

* An optional "high tech" version is also included for making the image of Marley's Ghost slowly and visibly appear on the blank door tag.

Other mentalist innovations include Jim Gerrish's C-Board and Spirit Envelope, for which construction is fully explained in this e-Book.



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