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Fernando Flea's Teeny Tiny Tricky Trunk
by Jim Gerrish

If you are one of the many magicians who performs either a full scale Flea Circus or just a solo performance of "the world's strongest flea" using a "stiff rope," then this trunk may be just what you need to set your act apart from all the others. The trunk is empty at the start, but soon you find Fernando's costume, his pet dog, some of his posters, his tiny car, his rope, and eventually Fernando himself shows up ready to perform on the rope. The "trunk" is just two inches cubed (or make yours smaller or larger to fit your needs), and every side of it is a door to a different production item.

Here is a sample effect:

Let’s say you are performing with “Fernando” the World’s Strongest Flea, as in Julian Mather’s Stiff Rope routine. In that case, decorate the outside of the trunk with signs for “Fernando, the World’s Strongest Flea,” and so on.

You might begin by looking for Fernando. You open the trunk and nothing is inside. So you close up the trunk and “politely knock” on Fernando’s “dressing room door” on top of the trunk. Open up the top, reach down inside and remove the tiny bottle in which Fernando travels. Or in my case, Fernando travels on his tiny pet dog.

The trunk allows you to add some more props for Fernando’s act, such as a sponge ball that he “pushes back and forth.” The sponge ball is found inside the empty trunk when you open the “correct” door.

Open another door and you can remove a small magnifying glass to help you to find Fernando when he gets lost. There are suggestions for having him drink a full glass of water using Jim's (optional) kitchen-made "Wonderful Glass." Of course you will also want to produce the Stiff Rope from the box if it is part of your flea routine. Don't worry, it's all explained, as well as how to make a DIY Stiff Rope if you don't already have one.

Kitchen tools - razor knife, metal yard or meter stick, fine sandpaper. Recommended use of an X-acto Saw and Mitrebox (you can do without it, but it is easier with it!).

Wood glue, masking tape, polyurethane clear paint.

On-line sources are given for all items mentioned. The e-Book contains step-by-step construction photos and diagrams for all parts of this kitchen workshop project.



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