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Misers and Their Dreams
by Jim Gerrish

Jim explores the history of today's Miser's Dream, starting with Hoffmann's Shower of Coins and up to the present day, where everyone sticks a hand in a pail to produce a bunch of coins. But what if you didn't have to stick your hand in a pail to do the same thing? What if you handed the pail to a helper to hold as you filled it with noisy coins? What if you used a glass jar instead of a metal pail and could see the coins fall into it, as well as hear them? See where Jim's Dreams takes him (and knowing Miser Jim, it won't be expensive!).

Jim includes his own inexpensive noisy wine bucket that a helper holds by side handles as shown in the above photo. Then Jim describes an inexpensive Dollar Store Coin Ladder you can build. Finally he describes his glass jar coin collector. All of these can be easily and inexpensively built for your own performances. Just in case you like some of the traditional shenanigans and want to keep them in the act, the entire history of the miser's dream probably has most of them included. Like every coin-loving Miser, you can have it all!



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