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Zippy Color Sponge Routine
by Qua-Fiki

After I invented the first (I think) multi-colored sponge ball routine (see One Fish, Two Fish Color Sponge Ball Routine in The Wizards’ Journal #20), it was fine for children’s shows, but I wanted a more streamlined approach for teens and adults. At first I included the standard purse frame sponge opening, but when Zipper Bracelets became the latest fad, I jumped right onto them to replace the antiquated purse frame.

There’s no rhyming patter for this one. You can do it to music with pantomime if you wish, or just make up minimal dialogue.

Effect: A Zipper Bracelet is around your wrist. You remove it, unzip it, and take from it a yellow sponge ball. A spectator holds the bracelet with the yellow sponge ball gripped between its “teeth” and the sponge ball changes from yellow to red. Then another yellow sponge ball appears inside the zipper “purse.” Now you can do some two ball tricks with the yellow and red balls, and end up with eight or more red and yellow sponge balls appearing in the spectator’s hand. Qua-Fiki introduces his new Open Palm Change-Over move in this one!

Includes instructions for making your own Zipper bracelets from regular zippers.



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