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Bouncy Ball Bag
by Jim Gerrish

This was originally performed in 1963 as part of my act. It’s like an egg bag routine without the egg and using an “ordinary” paper bag that gets “examined” at the end. In 1963 it was done with a small rubber ball, but today it is much more effective using one or more “super balls,” so-called because they bounce higher than regular rubber balls. I modeled it after the paper cone and ball effects found in Tarbell's Course of Magic, and originated by Burling Hull and others. To me, the lunch bag made more sense than a cone, and it was much easier to handle.

Effect: The Magician removes a flat, folded paper lunch bag from his pocket, opens it up and shows it empty. In a few moments, something heavy “arrives” in the bag. Out rolls a red ball (color optional, but I like red). The ball is dropped back into the bag and a helper is asked to remove it, but the ball has disappeared. The magician takes the bag and the red ball rolls out into his hand. He puts it back in the bag for the helper, but this time the helper pulls a blue ball from the bag. The next time the ball is green. The next time he holds out his hand, a whole bunch of balls (all different colors) pour out and the ones that he misses bounce all over the stage.



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