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Push-Me-Pull-You Silk to Flowers Cage
by Jim Gerrish

This is a utility device designed around the production of individual silks of various colors, as would happen in the typical Fountain of Silks routine, but it could be any production of various color silks. Many magicians just drop the produced silks into a "junk" bag, but this allows some more magic to happen to the silks.

Effect: Several differently colored silks are dropped into the open-top cage. The cage is picked up from the table and suddenly the silks visibly transform into realistic spring flowers, which are then dumped out, showing the cage completely empty. You can also use the cage to turn the silks into multicolored sponge balls, or to merge them into a large (36") multi-colored silk like a Blendo.

Afterwards, the empty cage can continue to sit on your table and be used to collect more discarded objects, and it can also serve as a place to conceal various small gimmicks that you need to dispose of secretly.

Make it yourself of wood, or just pick up a storage cube from the Dollar Store like I did, and convert it with black gaffer's tape, stiff black felt and other inexpensive stuff following directions in the e-Book. The flowers in the photo were all made according to the directions in Spellbinder's Flowers That Bloom With a Spring in The Wizards' Journal #21.

The Push-Me-Pull-You Cage is demonstrated in this video:

Finger Flinging Silks Routine by Jim Gerrish from James Gerrish on Vimeo.



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