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Do-It-Yourself Busking Table
by Jim Gerrish

Busker: a person who performs entertainments in public places for donations.

When a busker needs a table, it needs to be light and transportable, easily set up and sturdy enough to stand up against wind and weather as well as bustling crowds of curious on-lookers. As shown in the photo, you can carry the basic stand over your shoulder, and the tabletop and tote bag filled with props in one hand. Open the table stand, arrange the tote bag beneath it, set the top on the stand, and you are ready to perform. The height of the tabletop should be just above your waist while standing behind the table.

Most buskers aren't the wealthiest magicians, yet professional busking tables cost several hundred dollars. This is one you can buy for under $75 ready made (needing just a little work on your part), or make from scratch for under $25 if you have some basic woodworking skills and tools.

The e-Book gives you sources for buying parts, instructions for assembling parts, and plans and instructions for building a complete table from scratch (the beginning). Ideas are also given for inserting various secret compartments, wells, and servantes that aren't usually found in busker's tables, although buskers certainly know what to do with them when they are present. You can also add some secrets that your busking father never had because they hadn't been invented back then!



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