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Surprise Loading Table
by Jim Gerrish

This is a special table I first designed (1957) for holding loads for a Cups and Balls performance. Later I found other uses for it, in holding bundles of silks for loading into hats and tubes and boxes. The photo shows me using my table in 1958 (age 16), but it is covered with a drape. The e-Book will show you, for the first time, what it looks like beneath that drape. The table itself is too thin to conceal anything. When raising or lowering the table, it is revolved to show all sides devoid of trickery. It is fitted with a flange which screws into a simple Eureka table base or a music or drum stand base. The table allows you to invisibly load large objects into cups or tubes, objects that would be much too large to palm.

Two versions of the table are described. The first version I used from 1957 to about 1959 before coming up with the "improved version" that I continue to use to this day. Both versions have their uses, however, so both versions are included.



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