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by Jim Gerrish

Translated into English, the name means “Oh, I see you have (half) Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).” Translated into Magic, that means any spectator you encounter will demonstrate ESP powers beyond their wildest dreams with this special set of ESP cards that you can make yourself or buy from us. The spectator always wins. Also contains "improved" ideas from Corinda, Little Joe White, Ed Marlo, Ted Annemann and others. The gaffed cards take away the need for sleights.

The Main Effect - by Jim Gerrish

The audience is shown a set of 25 ESP cards, made up of five sets with the five standard symbols shown above. To begin a simple experiment in parapsychology or thought transference, five cards, one of each symbol, are removed from the deck. The cards are mixed so that neither the person being tested nor the examiner knows which card is where. The examiner removes one more card from the deck to be used as a random symbol to be transmitted to the spectator. The spectator selects one of the five face down cards just acting on a “hunch.” The symbol chosen by the spectator matches the symbol selected by the transmitter.

This can be repeated with two spectators, one acting as transmitter and one as the receiver, and again the cards chosen match.

Finally, five cards are sealed in five different envelopes, mixed up and given to five different people to hold. None of the people know what card is sealed in the envelope they hold, but the “vibes” they transmit to the examiner allow each symbol to be discovered.

Other effects that require the use of gaffed ESP cards:

An adaptation of Corinda's The Third Choice , revised by Professor Spellbinder

An adaptation of Little Joe White's That's The One , revised by Professor Spellbinder

The second method of Ed Marlo's Behind, Under or Above, revised and renamed by Jim Gerrish

Other effects included that can be performed with ungaffed ESP cards:

Ted Annemann's Yggdrasil

J.G. Thompson's Moonlight Madness

Jim Gerrish's Color Contraption

Professor Spellbinder's Match Me If You Can

Professor Spellbinder's Window Card Switch Box that allows you to switch in gaffed cards into an ungaffed deck.

You can make up the cards yourself by printing the ESP Zener symbols on any blank face deck and gaff them according to our directions. You can also buy them ready-made from

O.I.C.U. 1/2 E.S.P. from James Gerrish on Vimeo.




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