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Ultra Coincidental
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

You show two regular decks of playing cards, one with red backs and one with blue backs, and have both decks shuffled. While this is going on, you bring out a deck of Jumbo Cards, show that they are all different, mix them up, and have one of the Jumbo Cards chosen by a member of the audience.

The jumbo card is kept face down and the back is used as a tray on which eight to ten playing cards are randomly dropped, half of the cards from the red back deck and the other half from the blue back deck. One blue back card is chosen and then one red back card is chosen. The cards not chosen are removed, shown face up and returned to their respective decks of cards. Finally, as before, the two small cards and the jumbo card are turned around and all three of them match, an amazing triple coincidence.

This is based on Professor Spellbinder's version of U.F. Grant's "Slate of Mind" from the Mini-Mysteries Book One e-Book on "Evolutionary Slate of Mind."

Two versions of the effect are included in the e-Book, one version being a completely unprepared impromptu version using any jumbo deck and a regular size deck which may even be borrowed. The other version is the one described above, still using any jumbo deck and any two decks of cards, but with a tiny amount of preparation so it can't be done impromptu, but hey, nobody's perfect!

Qua-Fiki's Ultra Coincidental from James Gerrish on Vimeo.


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