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Qua-Fiki's Magi-Tronic Thought Plucker
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

As performed by Qua-Fiki, this is Comedy Mental Magic, but in the hands of an experienced Mentalist, this could be very thought provoking. It is also Qua-Fiki's first venture into Magi-tronics - the use of electronics in magic. No soldering is required, but you need to buy electronic parts and assemble them according to Qua-Fiki's directions. The cost for parts is between $60 at the low end, and $120 at the high end (if you need to buy everything from scratch). The e-Book contains all the instructions for assembling the electronic parts, as well as instructions for building various optional "Thought Plucking Instruments."

Qua-Fiki's Thought Plucker from James Gerrish on Vimeo.
See the Video on Vimeo:



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