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Qua-Fiki's Mesh ID Bag
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

How to make the Mesh ID Bag How to Perform with the Bag and an ID

The use of a Jack Chanin style "Mesh Egg Bag" as a way to make an "Invisible Deck (ID)" appear is not new. What is new is that Qua-Fiki's bag has no black back, and can be seen completely through (like another of his inventions called "See Thru Change Bag" in The Wizards' Journal #22). This bag could be used for an egg bag as well, but Qua-Fiki combines it with his Ungimmicked Invisible Deck that can be handled by the spectator and decided not to waste it on eggs. He shows you how to sew his new design from a Dollar Store Mesh Laundry Bag, and how to make his new Invisible Deck from a pack of Dollar Store playing cards. Wow! This trick could set you back two bucks!

Finally, if you want to combine this effect with Professor Spellbinder's Signed Card to Sealed Deck, when the Invisible Deck finally becomes visible, it is completely sealed in cellophane and stamp, and the chosen card is in the exact position it belongs in a brand new deck. However, to learn the secret of the Sealed Deck, you need to buy that e-Book as well.

Qua-Fiki's Mesh ID Bag and Invisible Deck from James Gerrish on Vimeo.

In the Video Qua-Fiki mentions being at Camp Do-wa-cha-wana for Wizards. For inquisitive minds...



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