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Professor Cheeky-Fiki's Patriotic Rope Trick

by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

We don’t know for sure, but British magician and magic dealer Ken Brooke (1920 - 1983) may have invented “Professor Cheer's Comedy Rope.” At least we know he was the first magician on record who performed the trick for a gathering of magicians at Glasgow, Scotland.

The set-up for the original Professor Cheer’s Comedy Rope is simple compared to Qua-Fiki's Cheeky-Fiki Patriotic Rope version, but here's what the instructions will show you: A rope with FOUR ends, not just three, and each end is a different color rope... white, red, and blue and finally a red-white-blue striped rope attached to the wildest star-spangled boxer shorts you have ever seen (you can purchase something that matches your own taste and choice, however). While complicated, it is easier to put on when you are ready to "harness up." The final striped rope (and boxer shorts) are examinable- all the rest disappears as if it never existed. Except for dying the ropes, assembly is easy. Any three colors may be used for the ropes.

Professor Cheeky-Fiki's Comedy Patriotic Rope Trick from James Gerrish on Vimeo.

Flash! Professor Cheer is turning over in his grave and break dancing!



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