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Mis-Made Jack

by Professor Spellbinder and Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

More than just a mismade flag variation, this is a complete routine. It begins with a black cloth bag for your Harbin-style folding table (plans included). After setting up the table, you turn the black bag inside out and back again. A D'Lite routine here is optional, but nice. Then some candy treats can appear in the bag. Next you discover three silks, green, orange and black. Stuffing them back inside the bag, they change to a large silk with a plain pumpkin on it. Back in the bag it goes and next time comes out with a jumbled up face on it- the Mismade Jack!

Qua-Fiki is trying hard to make his face match the 17" Mismade Jack he has produced.

Back in the bag it goes, but this time the entire bag is given a shake and it transforms into a large (30 x 30 inch) Jack O'Lantern silk.

But there's still more! A real pumpkin appears and floats around under and around the silk. Then the Jack O'Lantern Silk becomes a huge banner that reads: "TRICK OR TREAT!" Templates and instructions are given for painting your own Jack O'Lantern silks. Qua-Fiki also shares optional ideas for making a pumpkin appear and float around and under the giant Jack O'Lantern silk, as well as for the D'Lite routine that he is currently working on.

Mis-Made Jack from James Gerrish on Vimeo.

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