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ABC Stung Revisited

by Professor Spellbinder with addenda by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

This trick, and many others like it, are based on “A Sucker Card Gag” invented by 1931 by Mr. Lynn Searles and first published by him using a single “Stung!” card in Sphinx (Mar 1932). There have been many variations on the original idea over the years. What differs in most of these variations, is the method by which the “Vanish” card is replaced by the “Stung” card, as well as the way in which the “Vanish” card reappears at the end.

My stage sized version makes it possible for all the cards to be handled by helpers from the audience. Most innocent of all, I use a manila envelope with a large window cut in the center, allowing the audience a clear view right through the envelope.Finally, I offer a method of making the vanished "B" card reappear on the back of a helper, although you can have it appear on your own back if you prefer. The templates and directions for making everything are included in the e-Book.

Also included, as a bonus, are 3 pocket versions of the trick that you can perform anywhere. Instructions and card templates are included for printing out images which can be then glued on top of any size playing card. Since no complicated sleights are involved, the cards do not need a special surface for performing the various pocket versions. Qua-Fiki contributed his own "No-Palm" version that makes it easy to perform for those with small hands; and then Spellbinder made a version of Qua-Fiki's version which makes use of a Dutch Looper style gimmick- again with no palming needed. In the close-up versions, the "B" card can rise up out of a breast pocket, either in a T-shirt, or jacket.

ABC STUNG! from James Gerrish on Vimeo.




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