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Flowers That Bloom With a Spring!

by Professor Spellbinder

This e-Book continues where Flower Power from The Wizards' Journal #14 left off, but is focused on how to make your own realistic spring flowers in a variety of styles... and what to do with them afterwards. In this e-Book I describe some other spring flowers that can be made, according to type:

Flat Flowers double blossoms
Large Flat Folding Flowers
Puffy Flowers
Floppy Flowers
Spring flower tricks

History and effects by David Devant and Donald Holmes, plus much more (68 pages in all).

Orchid with Production Corsage Box

Production Boxes
Flowering Wreath
Daisy Crown
Seed to Strawberry

Be sure to see Neil Tobin's article in the May 2013 issue of Genii Magizine, where he mentions making realistic flower production bouquets for the Chicago show "Barnum."

See also Ron Sylvester's Production Box Flowers and Adeline Ng's Production Box Flowers.



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