Easter Egg Jelly Bean Surprise!
by Wiz Kid Wilhelmina

Six plastic Easter Eggs are shown. Each egg is a different color. A spectator opens up each egg and looks inside. Each egg is empty. From a small jar of jelly beans, each of different colors, one color jelly bean is chosen.

One of the empty plastic eggs is handed to the magician and the chosen jelly bean is dropped inside. The Egg is closed and shaken so everyone can hear the jelly bean inside.

Now one of the other eggs is chosen and closed. The spectator shakes the egg and of course, hears nothing. He checks inside and the egg is still empty. Once more the magician shakes his or her egg, and the jelly bean is heard rattling inside…then suddenly the noise stops. The spectator is encouraged to shake his or her egg and at first nothing is heard, but then suddenly the egg begins to rattle. When both eggs are opened up, the jelly bean is discovered to have vanished from the magician’s egg, and it is found inside the spectator’s egg.

This close-up effect from the clever mind of nine-year-old Wiz Kid Wilhelmina makes use of a very old magic principle and turns it into a brand new mystery. You are not limited to Easter Eggs, but can use any closable containers including pill bottles, party pumpkins (Halloween), sports balls (Party Store). The containers have to be opaque (you can't see through them) and small enough to hold in one hand. Then you need something solid and hard to put into the containers. At Easter, a Jelly Bean is a natural item, but it can also be bubble gum balls, walnuts, or small plastic toys that will fit into the container. Remember, if a nine-year-old can make this and perform it, I guess you can, too!



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