Fish or Cut Bait
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Effect: The magician prepares the audience to do a little fishing. He begins by showing them a plastic BAIT Bucket that contains invisible bait. A child comes up to help catch a fish and is given some invisible bait from the bucket. This is actually just a way to show the bucket empty to the child AND the audience before each fish appears in the bucket.

The magician reaches into the empty bucket and pretends to remove some invisible bait. He shows the child how to put the bait on the “hook.” The fish pole is just a wooden dowel with a piece of string attached to one end, and a magnet on the string that he refers to as the “hook.”

Now the child dangles the bait in the bucket, and in a few seconds is “struggling” with a silk fish that he has caught inside the empty bucket. The child “reels” the fish in and the magician helps him remove it from the “hook” and stand off to one side of the stage to display his “trophy.”

This happens five more times, with six children in all catching silk silken fish for display all along the stage on either side of the magician.

Now two taller children (or adults) come up and are given poles to dip in the empty bucket. They come out with a long (13 foot or so) rainbow streamer that they hold up on the ends of their poles over the heads of the fishing trophy display.

Finally, the magician goes after the gold at the end of the rainbow and comes up instead with a very large silk containing a drawing of a fish bowl with goldfish in it, and the words THE END proclaiming the end of the show. At this point, everyone with a camera or a cell phone camera has a photo opportunity to get a great picture of the event!

In the e-Book, Qua-Fiki explains how to make his magic Bait Bucket prop that does all the work of producing the silks. Then Jim Gerrish shows you step by step how to paint the silks needed for this routine, complete with sources for everything you need. But then, once you know how everything is done, you are all set to take the ideas into your own routines, such as a Feed Bucket for Santa's Reindeer, or a Witch's Cauldron for a Halloween themed trick or a Pirate Gold Treasure hunt, or a Leprechaun's lucky pot of gold... and so on. The basics are here, and what you make of them is all yours to cherish and perform exclusively.



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