Curtains Box
By Chris Dunn

“Have you ever want to perform an illusion like David Copperfield or Siegfreid and Roy? I have, and I am going to do it right here, in front of you. I am going to make an elephant vanish right before your eyes." That's the start of Chris Dunn's routine and with a wave of his wand he does make an elephant vanish... a beanie baby stuffed elephant.

Turn the box all around and show through bottom to top that the elephant has truly vanished. And to make this even better, fold the curtain box flat showing there is no place for the elephant to hide.

You can, in place of the elephant use any small stuffed animal, such as any beanie baby stuffed animal. Chris has developed a small box decorated with curtains that can be used to make any small beanbag animal or doll appear or disappear.

The box is made from foamboard or hardboard or even thin plywood, and held together with duct tape because it folds flat to prove it is empty. If you make two boxes, the bean bag animal or doll can penetrate through a solid sheet of glass or plastic from one box to the other. Other routines and ideas are included from Chris, Spellbinder and from past masters out of our magical past .



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