Christmas Lights From Mouth
By Professor Spellbinder

One of the main disadvantages in previous methods of the Lights From Mouth that I wanted to overcome is the “blackout phase.” When you first see the bulbs on their pretty display stands, they are all lit up. But when you unscrew the bulb to get it ready for “swallowing,” the bulb is unlit. Then when the bulbs come from your mouth, you have not only attached them to the wire, but are somehow supposed to be generating power for them to light up. A real magician, with supernatural control over electricity, would be able to keep the bulbs lit from stand to mouth.

Effect: You produce a small (3 foot or so) Christmas tree and plug it in to display the multi-color LED Christmas lights. Then, showing both hands completely empty, you begin plucking the lights from the tree and putting them into your mouth.

After “eating” all the lights on the tree, once again you show your hands empty and reach up to your mouth to produce a full six-foot string of 18 Christmas multi-color lights from your mouth.

Next, you vanish the string of lights and they suddenly reappear all lit up on the Christmas tree once more.



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