Visit to the Boneyard
By Professor Spellbinder

The curtain opens on a graveyard. The backdrop shows black silhouettes of trees rising up to a midnight blue sky twinkling with stars and a full October moon with a few whispy clouds trying to hide it. The lighting is blue, occasionally broken by a white spotlight as needed… after all, this IS a show.

A few feet from the background is a picket style fence made of skeleton bones rather than of wood.

On the downstage side of the fence are a few tombstones, most of them leaning or fallen.

From behind one of the tombstones, a coffin rises, standing erect. The coffin lid opens towards the audience, and the magician, dressed in white, is seen inside. He opens his eyes and steps out. “Good evening. Welcome to the Boneyard.”

What kind of things happen in the Boneyard? Several variations on the Floating Skull, a Die Box Skull effect … these are just some of our favorite things and they will be explained in this e-Book.



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