Merry Christmas Carousel
By Professor Spellbinder

Kids get lucky at Christmas. The proof of this is how easily they take all your prizes when you spin the Magic Merry Christmas Carousel and have them choose the brass ring. Let me explain.

Beneath the Carousel, which can be as fancy or as simple as you want to make it, are eight blank face playing cards. On one of them is drawn a brass ring, and on all the others is the embarrassing statement “YOU LOSE!” When a child comes up to play the Carousel Game, the Carousel is set to spinning and the child can stop it at any point. No matter where it stops, the child always draws the card with the brass ring. The cards are reset with the brass ring at a new position and you can play again and again. Each time, a child always gets the brass ring. If you want, adults can either get the brass ring or the loser card, because the whole game is rigged and you are in control.

You don’t have to use the Carousel as your theme. If you prefer, you can put a roulette wheel design on a Lazy Susan. You can also make it look like a Wheel of Fortune, rotating it either horizontally or vertically.

However, the Carousel is a good design for kid shows, because it does not seem related to gambling, which might offend some adults.

Similarly, you don’t need to use the Brass Ring design on the cards. The cards can simply say “YOU WIN” or “YOU LOSE” or something like that. You can also make the winning cards match a card you have forced from another deck of playing cards.



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