Silent Partner
Puppet Magic for Non-Ventriloquists
By Professor Spellbinder

Chapter 1 - Rudy Reindeer's Misery Christmas

For those who have always wanted to be ventriloquist/magicians but never could keep their lips from moving, here are some routines for magic puppets that don’t speak... and don't need to!

Think of them as tiny mimes with limited motion problems. They can nod their heads up and down, or shake them back and forth to indicate “yes” and “no,” but not a sound comes forth from their lips. Their tiny arms are stiff and don’t bend very well, but they can point, they can stretch, they can indicate left or right, up or down, and they can clumsily hold objects. Their faces don’t show emotion, but their tiny bodies can shake with fear, bubble over with silent laughter, beg for mercy, or slyly steal away and hide so they don’t get caught in their latest bit of mischievousness.

This is something even the klutziest wannabee Ventriloquist (like me!) can handle.

Although this initial routine features a Rudolph Reindeer puppet, there are other routines included in this first Chapter. Some can be done at any time of the year. But they are not just puppet show routines for any old ordinary puppeteers, either. They all need YOU, a MAGICIAN, to make the MAGIC happen.

Other chapters (routines) will be added in the year ahead, creating a full book of Silent Partner routines for all occasions and using a variety of hand puppet characters.



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