Betsy Wetsy Dolly
By Jim Gerrish and the Wiz Kids

In the 1950’s the Ideal Toy Company produced a doll that drank water from a baby bottle and then wet its diapers. It was actually invented in the 1930’s and then went through revisions, but there’s no need to go into the history of the doll. This was a time when babies were dressed in cloth diapers, which had to then be changed and cleaned, etc. Not a very nice process, so to get young girls used to this future horrendous task, and not anticipating the advent of disposable paper diapers, the Betsy Wetsy doll took on the training of the future generation of young mothers so they would learn not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The name “Betsy Wetsy” then became synonymous with any of these wet dolls, and in a show situation, kids find her “bathroom humor” hilariously funny, especially when her wetting mechanism apparently goes awry.

Effect: The magician (that’s you!) can ask the kids who likes to play with dolls and if anyone likes baby dolls (this same beginning also works well for adult audiences, as you can imagine!). Anyway, you show an empty doll box with a transparent plastic front, typical of the kinds of boxes in which dolls are packaged these days. The box is empty, but it bears the name “Betsy Wetsy” on it and so you ask a young lady to wave the wand and say the magic words “Betsy Wetsy, Come to Momma!” When she does, the doll appears in the box. The doll is removed from the package and we suddenly discover why she is called “Betsy Wetsy.” She begins to squirt water, first on you and then out into the audience (if you decide that’s appropriate… it’s all under your control). You hold her over a translucent bucket and it soon begins to fill up with water. Finally you decide you have had enough and you drop the doll into the bucket and begin to look around for someplace to get rid of the water, because she keeps squirting water up and out of the bucket. Suddenly you throw the bucket out over the heads of the audience. The doll has vanished, along with all the water, and all that comes out of the bucket is a load of confetti that flutters down on the heads of the audience (or you can use streamers if you prefer to limit the cleanup mess!).



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