Santa's Toy Workshop
By Jim Gerrish

This effect is 99% presentation and 1% magic, so be forewarned! Sure, it has a new vanishing box to make an article of clothing or someone’s personal belongings disappear, but the thing that makes it fun and Christmasy is to have someone clever playing the role of Elmer, the mischievous elf, and the simple but crazy Toy Machine conveyor belt which makes the missing article reappear.

Effect: You borrow a cap, necktie, wristwatch, or other article of clothing from someone in the audience and test a Magic Gift Box that is supposed to duplicate whatever is put into it... but instead it makes the object disappear. Never mind. Elmer the mischievous Elf is on hand to help you show the boys and girls how Toys are made at Santa's Workshop. Elmer wants to show us his toy conveyor belt that churns out toy after toy automatically. Suddenly the article of borrowed clothing appears on a toy bear, then on a dolly, or hanging from a giraffe's mouth. You never seem to see it, but the kids surely do!

As described, this effect requires at least one assistant- Elmer the Mischievous Elf.



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