Pegasus Redeemed
By Professor Spellbinder

This is a variation of Arthur Emerson's 1983 invention, Pegasus Page. While the original was never intended to be a mental effect, mentalists adopted it as one. My version attempts to complete the transformation of a simple magic trick into a mentalist's dream come true, and a demonstration of true psychic teleportation- bit by bit and molecule by molecule.

Effect: A page is torn from a book and placed between two pieces of cardboard, taped so they hinge like a book. Two more hinged pieces of cardboard are given to a second spectator. After a few minutes of concentrating, the mentalist asks Spectator 1 to open her cardboard folder and see if the page has begun to disappear. She notes that a tiny corner of the page has vanished. The other spectator finds the tiny corner of the page within her cardboard folder.

You should be able to match the torn corner from Folder 2 to the page with the missing corner in Folder 1.

The test goes on with the folders closed. This time when they are opened, about half the page has dematerialized from Folder 1 and rematerialized in Folder 2.

Once again, you should be able to match the half page from Folder 2 with the half page in Folder 1. The torn edges and the wording should all match. Also, it should be noted that there is a sort of mark where you stopped the process before, at the previously torn corner.

Again the two folders are closed and after some time reopened. This time the page is completely gone from Folder 1 (except perhaps for some dust left behind) and is now found in Folder 2.

The page should display "mend" marks where the "materialization process" was previously halted, both at the torn corner and the half-way page mark.

It is taken over to the book and verified that it is the same page that was ripped from the book. Both the page and the book can be handed out as a souvenir.



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