Magic with Themed Party Goods
By Professor Spellbinder

My magical family returned from the Party Supply store with all the stuff needed for a forthcoming Halloween Party. They had paper cups, paper plates, napkins, and tablecloths all following the same theme. We immediately began brainstorming how to turn them all into magic effects, not only good for the Halloween theme, but with any party theme- Spiderman®, Sponge Bob®, Barbie®, Dora®... you name it, you got it!

Here then are the results of our labors for you to expand upon and enjoy:

1. 4 Balls; 2 Covers
2. Plastic Tablecloth; Invisible Servante / Invisible Wells
3. Confetti Cups of Plenty
4. Themed Picture Cards
5. The Late Invitation
6. Plastic Tablecloth Illusions

... and more!



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