Elevator Box

By Professor Spellbinder

I invented this back in 1979 as a way of making my Tarot Deck of cards appear magically in a box. I purposely avoided using a drawer box, which is so closely identified with magicians, included in magic sets, and so on. I wanted to use an ordinary wooden box that most people are used to; the kind of box you find in craft stores, jewelry stores, and so on.

Recently I have discovered that I never got around to publishing the method and that many magicians and mentalists and even Wizards are still relying on the old drawer box to make things appear. So I am publishing it at last and hope that it will have many uses beyond making a deck of cards appear. It’s not a very good box for vanishes because when you make something disappear, the audience naturally wants to take the box apart to discover where the object went to, and this box cannot be examined. However, for making candies, jewelry, treasury notes, or cards appear inside a previously empty box… that’s what it does best. I’ll even toss in a bonus effect that allows the box to be examined later on in the routine.

Effect:When the magician or Wizard needs a deck of cards, he brings out a small wooden box about the same size as the deck of cards (larger for Tarot, smaller for standard playing cards).

He holds the box on his palm and a spectator is asked to open the box. The magician seems surprised when it is seen that the box is empty.

He asks the spectator to close the lid again and then he says a spell or a magic word or snaps his fingers… the usual “Bibbity Bobbity Boo!” of our trade… and now when the spectator opens the box, it is discovered to be filled to the brim with cards.

The cards are removed and used in whatever effect is being served as the “trick du jour.” The above photos were taken by and used with the permission of Mick Hanzlik, who recently built the Elevator Box from my plans and sent us the results. Another photo showing the secret and Mick's additional construction tips is also included as part of the article by his kind permission.



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