Frosty The Zombie

By Jim Gerrish

The article starts with the original "Sack of Santa" from the mind of Eugene Poinc shortly before his death. It's a bizarre illusion of a monstrous stalking Santa Claus. Unfortunately, it will probably never again be performed the way Poinc imagined it, because the original ingredients are so difficult to find these days. So I have updated it, and removed the monstrous qualities Poinc attributed to Santa to an even more bizarre figure, already legendary for being brought to life by magic, Frosty The Zombie!

You don't have to play up the bizarre aspects of this, if you just want a typical holiday kiddie illusion that is easy to make and present. You COULD just bring a cartoonish Frosty to life with your magic hat and dance with him to the familiar song. But if you have a touch of the bizarre in you, try Eugene Poinc's bizarre version and you'll never look at snowmen the same way again!



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