This Little Light of Mine!

By Professor Spellbinder

Trevor Lewis has a great trick with a flashlight that he wrote about in his book “Trevor Lewis Uncut.”

The trick is called “Trevor’s Torch” but it has been marketed in the USA by Hank Lee under the name “Flashlight Fun.” When Trevor Lewis first invented the trick, it took a great deal of effort to locate and make the gimmicked flashlight which sells in magic stores for over $100. Today, all you have to do is step into a Dollar Store and locate two items. Total cost: $2.00. You won't have to know anything about electronics or electricity, but you WILL have to be able to operate a hot glue gun without burning your fingers. You don't have a hot glue gun? It will cost you another dollar to get one from the Dollar Store!

All directions for putting the parts together are included in the article. It took me less than a half hour, and I'm all thumbs. You will also find Internet sources for the parts in the article, for those who don't live near a Dollar Store. It may end up costing you $10.00 when you throw in shipping costs.

Basic Effect:

The magician brings out a flashlight to look for something, and discovers the flashlight doesn't work. However, every time the magician is NOT looking at the flashlight, it suddenly turns on, and when the kids point out to him that the light is on, he looks at it and it turns off. He even opens it up to show them that it can't possibly light up- no batteries are inside.Yet, the top part in his hand containing the bulb suddenly lights up so he can shine the light inside the flashlight body to show them that there are no batteries inside. When the kids point out that the light is on, he looks down and of course it goes off. But now the flashlight case itself lights up with a mysterious glow. When the magician looks, directed by the screaming of the kids, that light goes out, but the disconnected bulb lights up. An so on, back and forth as long as you want!

Note: The FULL Trevor Lewis routine is made up of TWO separate routines both found in his book Uncut. The first part, from the section named More Party Pieces is called simply "The Flashlight" and you need an ordinary flashlight with batteries for that. If you plan to do that first part, combining it with "Trevor's Torches (Flashlight Fun)" as described in the section Final Party Pieces, it will cost you another $2.00 to get a second duplicate flashlight and some batteries from the Dollar Store!




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