Balls to the Walls

by Jim Gerrish

(Grant's 1962 Strato-Spheres revisited by Jim Gerrish)

You can begin this routine with the Glass Vase and Tube above, change three colored silks into three plastic Pit Balls, and then go right on with the old Strat-O-Sphere routine where one ball passes through the others. Finally, the red ball is taken out of the tube and vanished. It reappears back between the other two balls.

So what's new? The vanish of the red Pit Ball for one thing - no more "Gung-Ho Box!" Also missing from my version of this trick is the usual wooden base. It is not needed, but may be added if you feel you must have one for the sake of tradition. The use of the Glass Vase allows for use of larger 3 inch Pit Balls. Learning to make your own Tube Covers also allows you to change the Tube colors and decorations for each season or occasion.



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