Glass Vase and Tube

by Jim Gerrish

U.F. Grant invented the Crystal Silk Cylinder in 1954. It was a unique idea for the time, transforming three orange silks into three solid oranges. Of course, it can be used for more than that and you will find several variations of the Crystal Silk Cylinder on the magic market, from those that transform silks into liquids, to those that change silks into livestock.

My first variation was to take the idea of transforming silks to the same balls that are used in Grant’s 1962 invention – Strat-O-Spheres, but using the exact same tubes for both tricks, and further add an ending of Grant’s 1953 Bengal Net to turn the three balls back into silks. My other variations for making and performing the Silks to Pit Balls will be found in this article called simply Glass Vase and Tube.

However, magicians who purchase this article may have other ideas for using the three tricks, so each one is written up and described separately.

I started out to make this for my Hardboard and Duct Tape Book. I had already made one for myself that was rectangular, but had forgotten the difficulties involved in putting it together and decided it was probably much too difficult for the casual builder interested in hardboard and duct tape solutions. Then I discovered a perfect Glass Vase in Wal-Mart, of all places. It is three inches in diameter, 10 inches tall, cost $1.69 and is just right for this trick! Combined with a four inch diameter PVC Pipe Tube, I completely abandoned the hardboard and duct tape version and worked out the details for making this Glass Vase version.

Real glass has an advantage over the plastic cylinders used by Grant – a real glass vase can hold water (see my Goldfish Variations later on), and they don’t get hazy and scratched up over time. Disadvantages- they tend to break if you drop them; however, with a trip back to Wal-Mart, they are easily replaced.

The Glass vases also have one more advantage- they are larger in diameter than Grant’s Cylinders, so I can use the larger 3 inch Pit Balls for the Strat-O-Sphere part of the routine. However this article shows you how to build several variations of the same effect, using both the standard 2 1/2 inch balls currently found in most Strat-O-Spheres, a no fake variation with the 3 inch balls, and Live Goldfish and water variations.



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