Bizarre Book

by Professor Spellbinder

The Wizard draws a large book from a bookshelf and shows the title to the audience: "Spells of Insanity." "If you want to drive your friends insane," he says, "You should try some of these spells. In fact, just reading about them can make you think you've gone insane."

The Wizard opens the book and displays one of the spells to the audience. "How to make a person believe he is trapped inside a book."

Suddenly, the page begins to change shape and we see a face emerging from the book, pressed out against the spell we have been reading. At the same time, we hear screams coming from the book. The Wizard closes the book suddenly and the noise stops.

"I can see this gentleman doesn't believe what just happened. He doesn't think it is possible for a person to be drawn into a book. Say it out loud: 'I don't believe I can be drawn into a book.' Say it louder."

Suddenly the Wizard opens up the book again and a hand reaches out from one of the pages, grabs the man (by the necktie, if he's wearing one... that always creates a good impression!) and attempts to pull him into the book. Again, we hear the screaming of lost souls from Hell coming from the book while the hand is attempting to drag the man inside. Suddenly the Wizard pulls the book back and slams it shut and the man is free.

"Be careful what you say around old spell books about what you do and don't believe," said the Wizard. He opens up the book once again and a flash of fire erupts from the book. The Wizard slams the book shut and puts it back up upon the shelf.

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