Tiny Bottles

by Professor Spellbinder

The bottles are made from tiny plastic Vodka bottles available in most liquor stores. The tubes are made of gift wrap Kraft paper or plastic. Drink the liquor as you work and you can combine Happy Hour with Work Half Hour before you fall asleep.

The Routine:

So far the routine I have devised begins with an appearance of the bottles from the empty paper or plastic tubes. It is noted that the orange bottle appeared in the orange tube and the black cherry bottle appeared in the black tube. If the bottles are accidentally placed in the wrong colored tubes, the bottles change places to set things right. (passe-passe bottles). Also, it is noted that the bottles and tubes can serve as a sobriety test. A spectator and I take the test together after drinking our vodkas, and it's difficult to tell who is drunk and who is sober (topsy-turvy bottles). Finally, one of the bottles vanishes. All is explained in the article.

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