Psychic Photos

by Frederick Goode

I developed these magic "Psychic Photos" as a way of attracting attention to my photography business, at various locations where I have a photo booth set up, or where I have a chance to get on a stage to announce that I will be taking photographs, etc.

Effect #1 was designed for the stage. I go into the crowd and look for a good photographer's model. I try out several, giving them an envelope to hold to pretend they are advertising the sponsor's product. When I find a likely candidate, I bring her forward to the front of the crowd or up onto the stage and have her show off a few poses. Then I pick up a blank piece of photo paper and have her look at it on both sides. I slide the blank paper into one of the photo frames I use to give customers along with their photos. This is also a chance for me to advertise my business a little. I give her the frame and ask her to seal it in the envelope she is still holding. Then I ask her to pose with the envelope again, just like she did before. This time I clap my hands and from my hands there is a bright flash of light. I ask her to unseal the envelope, remove the frame and open it. Inside, she finds a photo of herself holding the envelope. I give her a coupon that she can use to have a more professional photo of herself taken at my booth and I also promise to give her the photo I took of her by my "psychic powers" as a magician/photographer and have it mounted in a nice wood and glass frame.

Effect # 2 was designed for Bars. I often go to clubs to work as a professional photographer, and those who are bored with the club show can often be found at the bar. They are prime customers for me, since they have nothing better to do than get their photo taken.

I take out my wallet and pass out my business cards or coupons for free photos. Then I show someone that there is a photo in my wallet and ask him to verify that. I close my wallet and pull out a bag of playing cards from my jacket pocket. I remove the cards, drop in the wallet and give the bag to a young lady to hold. Then I have her choose a playing card from the deck and drop it into the bag along with my wallet. I take the bag and dump it out onto the table. The wallet falls out, but there is no card. As I replace the pack of playing cards to the bag, I ask the young lady to look at the photo that was in my wallet before she ever touched the bag. She opens the wallet and finds a photograph of herself that has been printed on the face of the playing card she chose.

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