Magic Rune Sticks

by Professor Spellbinder

I confess that sometimes I long for my days of being a magician, instead of having to do everything "Wizard-Style." It's nice to be able to pick up a magic store prop and be able to use it guilt-free. You may have noticed how much the Rune Stick shown in the photo resembles a Jumping Gem stick. The Magic Rune Sticks was developed as a way for me to enjoy doing Ken Allen's Jumping Gems routine once more, this time as a Wizard instead of as a Magician.

The Wizard shows a bag and dumps out a bunch of short ( 2 and one half inch) sticks onto the table. He claims they are rune sticks for predicting the future, but the runes are invisible and only show up after they have been handled by the person seeking the prediction. He allows a spectator to search through the rune sticks, looking them over carefully, and when he feels drawn to a particular stick, to hand it to the Wizard for interpretation.

The person does so, noting that the sticks are all plain black sticks with no runes or lettering of any kind on any side. He hands the Wizard the stick. The Wizard flips the rune stick about and then says, "Ah! The Good Luck rune! See? It has appeared just there."

The Wizard points to the end of the stick and shows a little golden rune that has appeared on the end of the stick, claiming that it means good luck. "You don't read ancient Celtic runes? Here, I'll translate it for you." The Wizard shakes the rune stick and the runes rearrange themselves into English letters spelling out the words "GOOD LUCK!"

"This means that in a day or so, you’ll have some very good luck and you must be certain to contact me and tell me all about it when it happens." This makes a good excuse to give the person your business card with your contact information on it!

"Let's see if we can get some verification from one of the other rune sticks," says the Wizard. "Draw out a second one for me so I can compare the results."

The Wizard sees nothing on the rune stick and so asks the spectator to draw out a third. But suddenly a diamond appears on the end of the rune stick the Wizard is holding. "I was holding it at the wrong end!" exclaims the Wizard. "It seems this stick confirms that you will have some very good luck very soon. Let's see if we can determine how soon."

The Wizard waves the third stick and the diamond jumps from the second stick to the third, and then back again. Do you recognize Ken Allen's Jumping Gems back in the story? So now both gems jump onto one stick, one at each end, then both jump together to the same end of the same stick.

"Diamonds are a good thing," says the Wizard, "but the gem stone of true good luck is the red ruby. There it is now, and I believe the rune sticks are telling us your good luck will be happening two days from now, although it could be two weeks or two months or even two years... rune sticks don't have a very good sense of time. Be sure and call me when the good luck happens to you." As he speaks thus, the Wizard packs up all his rune sticks in the bag once more and moves on to other topics of Wizardly discussion.

Easy to make from inexpensive craft store supplies as you sit in front of your TV for an evening or two!

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