Step On It!

by Eleazar Goodenough

I was watching Professor Spellbinder struggle with a production of flowers and got an idea of how to make the production simpler. Professor Spellbinder thinks I have hit upon a new gimmick for flower productions and asked me to write it up for the Wizards' Journal, so here it is. I call the principle Step On It, for reasons you'll soon figure out. It works equally well for productions of flower bouquets, (either feather flowers, real live flowers, or Professor Spellbinder's favorite- the realistic silk flower bouquets from his favorite store- the Dollar Store) or even for the production of silks or of live doves with no cover. The items seem to just appear in your hands.

Professor Spellbinder made the Jeep character shown above as a mascot for the Wiz Kids using Poser 6 and I am also learning how to use the computer graphics program. In the article, I use Wiz Kid Jeep to illustrate what I'm describing to make it all clear for you.

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