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The Visible Invisible Well

by Professor Spellbinder

There are many situations where you need a black art well to pick up or dispose of some object secretly, but you are in a situation where you have to make do with an ordinary table. This little workshop project uses a small plastic crate from the Dollar Store and turns it into a secret well that sits on top of any table, yet has an invisible compartment that makes it as useful as any built-in table well.

Using your Well as a stand-alone trick:

You can use the Visible Invisible Well as a stand-alone trick for making silks or spring flowers or even live doves appear. The article explains how to adjust your Visible Invisible well to take part in your show BEFORE you begin to use it as a well. You can have a Dollar Store version of a very expensive Percy Abbott Crystal Casket trick, or Marconick's Silken Bombshell and a Gerrish Visible Appearing Dove Cage that can go along with his Flaming Doves Vanish or Flight of the Phoenix.Well, Well! Now that's what I'm talking about!

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