The Wizard's Den: Tiki Masks

by Professor Spellbinder

Imagine this scenario: as you and your guests approach your Wizard's Den, you hear voices coming from inside. They are loud voices with island accents, of people having a good time, laughing and joking about partying, etc. When you walk in, the voices all begin to say "Shhh! De old mon is back! Why he wan’ spoil de fun? Shut up or he make a fire and tro you on it, wise face!" The mouths and eyes of the Tiki masks which are so animated, suddenly freeze, and the eyes roll up to give the masks an innocent look. You ignore them and go about your business with your guests as if there is nothing odd about what just occurred.

Instructions for making your own talking Tiki masks from scratch, as well as fixing up existing masks. Also includes ideas for an animated talking native American totem pole.

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