by Professor Spellbinder

One of the advantages of publishing this on-line e-Journal is the ability to respond to readers' requests much faster than any paper printed magazine. After publishing last month's Mystery Woman, I have had several requests by those who call themselves "mentalists" asking if my collection of magic notes contains anything to solve the "Lottery Problem." If you call yourself a Mentalist, it seems you get a lot of people asking you embarrassing questions like: "If you can really predict the future, why don't you just win the lottery and retire for life?"

Well, my question to the Mentalists is different... if you can really predict the future, why didn't you know that I would be publishing a way out of this dilemma for you in this issue of The Wizards' Journal? OK, I'm only pulling your mental legs! As a Wizard, I've had people ask me the same question all the time and my solution is given in this month's Prophecy effect: Lotto.

The answer to these inquiring minds is: "Of course I can predict the winner of the lottery. But we Wizards (Mentalists) have a code of ethics about it. We never win enough to arouse suspicion, or else we'd be 'killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.' Think about it. If I entered every big lottery and won the multi-million dollar prize in every state, everyone would soon know that I can do it and will always win, and the lotteries would close down. Not to mention, there'd be a lot of hit men out after my secret. But if I win small, I never get into the papers, no one knows about my psychic powers and I can live just as comfortably as the richest multi-millionaire. Do I look like I dress shabby?"

"But you want proof. I can see you're a skeptic and won't just take my word for it. How about if I make YOU the big winner for a little lottery right here and now? Would that make a believer out of you?"

"On my business cards, I have some scratch-off tabs. This is just like the Lottery game, except we won't use boring numbers. Use your finger-nail to peel off one of the tabs on the card, but don't tell us what it revealed. Place the Lotto card face down on the table and cover it with your drink." I'm assuming you're doing this at a bar or night club where these things are usually done. If not, just adapt the routine for the situation.

At this point a Tarot deck of cards (or it can be a regular deck if you prefer) is introduced. Cards are pulled out at random by another spectator and spread out on the table or bar. Dice are then used to randomly select one of the random Tarot cards. The chosen card is turned over and the Lottery picker will usually let out a scream as she finds that her card was chosen.

"Let's verify the winning Lotto card," says the Wizard. "Would you show everyone the card you scratched off at the very beginning? Let me take your winning ticket up to the bar and claim your prize. The bartender assured me that he would honor the winning card in any lotteries I conduct in here. What are you drinking?" You take the card to the bar, show it to the bartender and return with her card and the drink she chose as her winnings. Of course, being a gentleman, you have also brought back a drink for the woman who helped you in the Lottery drawing part.

"So, are you a believer yet? If it will make you feel any better, you can peel off the other tabs now that you've won, just to make sure the Lottery wasn't fixed."

Lotto $7.00

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