Crazy Cabana

by Professor Spellbinder


My friend, Jim Gerrish, is jealous because he didn't think of this first. Then he would have been able to put it in his PVC pipe Illusion book, because it's true... it could easily be made of PVC pipes and Dollar store plastic curtains, although my original model is made of wood and canvas.

This was designed at a time before I adopted Wizard magic and thought of myself as the next great Illusionist. But now I have revived it and find it quite appropriate for a "Wizard/ Witch at the Beach" sketch, and it's quite funny with all of us old doddering witches and wizards running in and out in our 1890's swimsuits.

The cabana is a tall slender cabinet made of wooden frames covered with red and white striped canvas. It has two side doors that swing out, as well as smaller back and front doors that also swing out. It rolls in on casters, is revolved, and then I (playing my old role of Illusionist), dressed in my full costume Wizard robes, open front doors, step inside, open back doors, step through to back, peek out from the left, peek out from the right, step back inside and close back doors, open side door left, open side door right, walk around to front and close front doors, and then step into the cabana from the left. Immediately a witch in an 1890's swimsuit exits out of the right side, comes around to the front, opens both doors to show it empty, and then she goes back into the left side. Now a wizard (not me) exits from the right side. He goes back into the right side and another witch (different from the first) exits out the left. The first witch returns, exiting out the right, then the other wizard exits through the front doors. All doors are closed and the witches and wizards rotate the cabana. When they finish, the front doors open and I exit, dressed in my 1890's swimsuit. It is all done very fast, with calliope music playing "By the Sea" in the background. Presentation optional... do your own thing!

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