Beach Illusion : Parachute Game Appearance

by Professor Spellbinder


This is designed for a group of assistants who can work as a team to make the impossible happen. They can be joined by members of the audience who are in it just for fun and who have no idea of what is about to happen. It can be done outdoors, at a park, at the beach, in a football stadium, in a circus tent, or in a gymnasium. Depending on the size of the parachute, it can be done on a stage, as well.

The team of assistants runs on with a parachute, opens it up, spreads it out and stands at the edges, billowing the parachute up and down. There are some spare nylon handles at the edges of the parachute sections and the assistants beckon to audience members to join them in billowing the parachute high into the air and then letting it settle back to the ground. Suddenly, the parachute seems to settle on a form. The form stands up and the audience realizes that a person is beneath the parachute. The assistants whip the parachute away and show that it is the Wizard, ready to begin his show.

Beach Illusion: Parachute Game

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