Surf's Up!

by Jim Gerrish


The Wizard has a surfboard resting between two tall Conga Drums. A young lady from the audience is lifted up and reclines on her side, facing the audience. The Wizard plays on the right Conga Drum, then removes it. Then the Wizard goes to the left Conga drum, plays on it a minute and removes it, also. The surfboard, complete with the young lady, is now suspended in the air.

While the Wizard plays a dance beat on the Congas, an apprentice dressed in an islander's shaman outfit, complete with grass skirt and large wooden mask, dances on stage with a hoop and passes it completely over and around the surfboard and its occupant.

The Wizard increases the tempo of the drums and the surfboard begins to rise into the air as the shaman dances around and around. The surfboard and young lady begin to descend and the shaman takes the drums away from the Wizard who walks offstage.

The shaman places the drums beneath the surfboard and it continues to descend to rest on top of them as the shaman plays maracas or another shaman-like instrument. The shaman shakes the maracas all around the young lady, then helps her to sit up and get down from the surfboard. He brings the young lady out to receive applause, and as she does, he removes his mask... it is the Wizard!

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