Swim Suit Dove Productions

by Jim Gerrish

There are not many occasions when you are asked to perform in the nude, or in a swimsuit, or even topless... but IF the occasion presents itself, you are ready with these Dove Productions. If nothing else, it's a great confidence builder to know that you can do this.

Effect #1: Dove from Juggling Scarves.

As it happens, some of the Wiz Kids, grown to adulthood, were appearing in a fashion show that had a male swimsuit model scene, so these have been tested in the field. While other guys (not former Wiz Kids) modeled their beach attire, Wiz Kid Lee, acting as the show's MC, brought a woman onto the stage. Lee was dressed only in a boxer type swim trunks and sandals. As the woman approached, Lee made some juggling scarves appear and began to juggle them for the woman. He sat her in a folding chair and then he went around behind her as if to give her juggling lessons. He brought his hands, still juggling the scarves, in front of her and there produced the first dove.

Effect # 2 - Bare Naked Dove from Scarf.

OK, you don't have to be bare naked... but you COULD perform it that way. The magician takes a silken scarf, waves it around, shows it on all sides, bunches it up and produces a dove and yes, the magician could perform it in his birthday suit if he was celebrating his birthday.

Effect # 3 - Bonus effect- how to make a beautiful babe in a swim suit appear from under your beach towel.

We don't want to be accused of not delivering what the advertising picture promises, so we throw this one in for free!

Swim Suit Dove Productions

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