Dollar Divination

by Professor Spellbinder


We have decided to open up The Wizards’ Journal to First Years students of magic (also known as "Beginners") by including a special lesson just for them each month.

This month we explore the topic of Divination.

Divination - the discovery of what is hidden or obscure by supernatural or magical means.

Divination is different from Scrying. If someone in the audience of on-lookers lost his wallet, you would not use Scrying to locate the missing wallet, but only to tell the future... will the wallet ever be found?

We don't want our First Years learning the age-old art of picking pockets just yet, so instead of using a wallet to demonstrate Divination, we'll use something of value FROM the wallet... a dollar bill.

You, as the Diviner, request someone to donate a dollar bill for the demonstration. You take the dollar bill and hand it to someone else to seal in a plain white security envelope. A third person from the group is handed six more sealed security envelopes and asked to mix in the envelope that contains the dollar bill. Your task will be to use supernatural means to identify which envelope contains the missing dollar. To make it more interesting and add an aspect of danger, you might introduce a flaming brazier and have the envelopes that do NOT contain the dollar bill burned. This is optional, however, and only for additional drama.

The main magical tools of the diviner are the pendulum, metal divining rods, a water witching branch, and, of course, one can always use the crystal and tea-cup for both scrying and divining. However, to keep them separate in the minds of your on-lookers, let us agree on the following discipline as First Years: except for locating secret knowledge, let us reserve the crystal and the tea-cup for scrying; use the water witching branch only for locating underground streams of water or plumbing; and use the pendulum and metal divining rods as your main tools for locating lost objects. There is a nice article in the Wizard's Journal #2, written by (ahem!) myself, which describes the use of the pendulum as a divining tool, so I will add reading that article to your load of homework tonight. For this Divination lesson at hand, we will build and use a pair of metal divining rods.

The article goes on to describe the construction and the secrets of the Dollar Bill Divination that many magicians refer to as "Bank Night." In the course of this instruction, the beginner is taught a very simple billet move.

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