The Wizard's Den

by Professor Spellbinder


A nice effect as you and a visitor enter your Wizard's Den, is to have various candles around the room suddenly sparkle and light themselves.

This article explains how to make the self-lighting candles, and also how to make a self-lighting oil lamp variation called "The Night Club Tipster" for those who work for tips in night clubs.

In a Night Club setting, Tipster can be blown out by the spectators as a way of indicating that they want you to come and perform magic at their tables. During the course of your table magic routine, you cause the oil lamp to mysteriously light up again. Other people in the club who see this happening will then be inspired to blow out their candles just to see if you can do the same trick at their tables, which, of course, you can, if you know how to adapt these little Dollar Store oil lamps!

A bonus item was added in 2007: A Self-Lighting AND Self-Extinguishing Candle that is manually operated (no electricity nor electronics).

If you want to make a self-contained radio-controlled self-lighting candle, look at Jolyon Jenkin's Magi-tronic Effect HERE.

The Wizard's Den
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