Ghost Box

by Professor Spellbinder


On your front porch at Halloween (or on the stage any time of the year), is a box that you claim is made from pieces rescued from a demolished haunted house. The three sides of the box appear to have siding or shingles, and the front of the box is made from an old window separated into several panes of glass. In front of the window are window shutters that can open and close. On the inside rear wall of the box is a wall sconce containing an electric candle. You can "shop" for the materials in your own neighborhood on bulk trash nights between now and Halloween.

The box is set on a table in the center of the porch. On the four corners of the table are some lit candles, Perhaps some eerie music is playing softly in the background. When your Trick or Treaters arrive you greet them with "Shhh! I was just about to hold a Halloween seance to call up a ghost that has been haunting our house for years. If you're not afraid, you can stay and watch!"

Suddenly the front and rear candles are blown out by the wind. The window shutters open by themselves. The rear wall electric candle glows to life, flickers and dies out again. Inside the box, a transparent head slowly appears, floating in the air. It opens its eyes! It speaks in an eerie voice: "Beware! Beware! Halloween candy can cause cavities! Beware!"

Then the head vanishes, the rear wall light comes on full to show the box empty, and you begin to pass out treats to all who haven't fled in fear.

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