Return of theWerewolf

by Professor Spellbinder

Even with a porch Illusion show to entertain the Trick or Treaters, sometimes I like to step over the bounds of good taste and scare the living daylights out of them just to watch them run down the street. Unfortunately, we rarely have a nice full moon on Halloween, but it's the thought that counts.


I greet the trick or treaters and pass out candy as usual. If I have a porch Illusion going that year, I work the Illusion. But at the end, I begin to act as if I am about to faint. "Oh, no! It's happening again!" I warn them. Then I change into a werewolf before their bugged-out little eyes.

The majority of the kids know when to turn and run. For those who are petrified with fear (or the wise guys who know I'm up to my old tricks), I turn back into a human and go about my business as if nothing unusual had happened.

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